Kashgar Offbeat Tours

Off the beaten path


Ablimit "Elvis" Ghopor

Elvis has been leading "off-the-beaten-path" tours for more than 30 years. He mostly works with independent travellers — individuals or very small groups. His tours are tailored to suit the traveller's itinerary and are guaranteed to provide a rich, cultural immersion into a world that few travellers experience. He is a native of Kashgar, giving him an intimate knowledge of the place and its residents. When visiting a holy man, a traditional Uyghur home, or one of the old local teahouses, Elvis acts as the translator and cultural interpreter, making the encounter an interesting and colorful mix of history, facts, legends and personal anecdotes. 

You can find him at the Kashgar Old Teahouse on Wusitangboyi Road, or complete the form under "Contact" and he will return your message.